Top 3 places online for business logos

Ah, the science of creating a good logo. Is great service what makes extremely simple logos like Nike’s or Adidas’ so widely recognizable, or is it that the shapes etch into our minds and make us want to buy the products? It’s probably a combination of the two. Creating a good, long-lasting logo can take half a minute, days, weeks… The results will only become apparent later on.

As an Oriental rug cleaning company, you’ll want your logos looking exclusive and high-profile yet still reaching out to your customers. Your clients aren’t billionaire businessmen – they’re often just average middle-class individuals with a taste for some of the finer things in life, quality rugs being one example. Your business logo should reflect this and consist of a simple-yet-complex image that’s easy to remember and associate with top-notch rug care.

To create a good business logo, you’ll need inspiration, creativity and the ability to tell the difference between tasteful and tacky. In the absence of this, many business owners will opt to hire a designer for their logo and might end up paying hundreds of dollars for a simple image. If you’d like to avoid getting yourself in such a situation, here are 3 sites that help you make your own business logo without having to pay for anything.

Online Business Logos A great logo instantly and free of charge? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s exactly what DesignMantic promises to give you. The user interface is as simple as it gets – on the front page, you enter the name of your company and the type of work you do and click the big red button. You are then treated to an appealing logo that can easily be used for years to come. If you don’t like the logo you got, you can repeat the procedure as many times as you’d like until something satisfactory comes out. To add more reasons to use this site, you can also use it to design other logo-based media like business cards and website headers. A serious competitor to DesignMantic, LogoGarden creates logos that look every bit as good(and perhaps even better) without making you pay for anything. The logo-making interface is a bit more complicated, but never to a point that it becomes difficult to use – it simply means that there are more options to choose from, like editing the color to your liking. Logos are similarly grouped based on industry, and the site’s designers clearly know what works for each particular niche. If you’d like even more control over your business logo, check out Vecteezy’s large collection of free vectors ready for use. Of particular interest to Oriental rug cleaners in Palm Beach, Florida will be the site’s ‘Oriental pattern’ category – it features thousands of relevant images with Eastern motifs to choose from, most of which are completely free. Find the right vector, crop it, slap your company name with the right font on it and you’ll have a logo that stands to serve you for a long time without ever going out of style. Best of all? You didn’t pay for it!